Daily Prayers

AL Falah is offer five time Salat and Jummah Salat.

Salat Time

Quran Class

ICH has daily Quran Classes for kids from the age of 6 to 15th. This service run under the management of Quran teacher. 

Funeral Service

At the difficult time of demise of your loveone. ICHRVA stand to serve the community and help the family to make arrangement of final destination of deceased. Please contact ICHRVA for more detial   


Zakat is one of the obligatory charity on each wealthy Muslim. Sadaqa is voluntary charity. ICH has setup a process of collection and distribution of ZAKAT and Sadaqa according to the islamic teachings. ICH with the help or other area masjid do the distribution to the needy 


Food Pantry

ICH with the help of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) initiated a project of food distribution to the local community and serve every one without any race, color, religion and faith. This project is to server the humanity and fulfill need of poor in local community. The food pantry servers family around 50KM of Richmond VA city area